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Drew Rosenhaus: Dolphins May Have Interest In Tim Tebow

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  • Drew Rosenhaus: Dolphins May Have Interest In Tim Tebow

    Excerpt: "Tim Tebow, as of Monday morning, is unemployed, and as we try to figure out where he'll play this season -- hint: not with the Jaguars, probably not the CFL, what about for the lingerie football league or the Omaha Beef? -- it's possible Tebow could wind up in Florida anyway.

    That's apparently the thinking of agent Drew Rosenhaus, who told 560 WQAM (via Fox Sports' Alex Marvez) on Wednesday he “wouldn't be shocked” if the Dolphins took a chance on signing Tebow.

    Um, really?

    Apparently so. Rosenhaus said the Dolphins haven't publicly come out and said they didn't have interest in the controversial quarterback (neither has anybody from the NHL, but I digress) and Rosenhaus believes that's because Miami owner Stephen Ross is a fan. You'll recall the Dolphins set up a day of celebration for former University of Florida players when Miami played host to Tebow and the Broncos in 2011. Tebow led Denver to an overtime victory in that game." Read more...
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    I'm thinking New England. They'll shut the media up, and he can be a backup.
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      Shoot he may still end up in Jacksonville since they don't really have to pay anything for him anymore. Really, who do they have as quarterback? Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne, Jordan Rodgers and Matt Scott? He could create a circus atmosphere in his hometown to a team that needs some attendance love.