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Report: Eagles' LeSean McCoy sued for alleged assault

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  • Report: Eagles' LeSean McCoy sued for alleged assault

    I read this article on

    I have no idea what happened with this woman obviously. If he did assault the woman, it is much more important than the point I am about to make. But since I wasn't there, I will reserve judgement. (I don't think I would ever opt to leave someone on the side of the road on the NJ Turnpike though.)

    As a sports fan though, it's a little odd that this superstar runningback took a trip from Philly to NYC on a party bus during the week. He did this in between games that had the Eagles getting crushed by the Bengals and then losing to Washington a week later. I mean come on man. This is during the season. Have your parties a couple weeks later when the Eagles are done for the year.
    We always hear how much time these guys put into their craft. Spending time studying film after practice, endless hourse in the weight room, etc. I hope this isn't the norm for the guys I am cheering for.

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    I doubt that's happening on the Giants... we're actually a respectable organization. If one of our players did that, TC would smoke him until he couldn't even speak anymore, and then Reese would suspend him for a bunch of games if the league hadn't, and then he wouldn't be on the team next year...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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      That's kinda what I think(hope) about the Giants. But then again there was that Plaxico thing. I think being a Giants fan might make me a little biased, and maybe naive about what the players are doing all week. As fans, we get so jacked up all season. I just hope the players are giving it their all, at least during the season. On the other hand, I do realize these guys are young and need to enjoy themselves once in a while. Just let's do that AFTER we win the Superbowl this year.