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LeSean McCoy Sued For Assault On Party Bus

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  • LeSean McCoy Sued For Assault On Party Bus

    Excerpt: "The complaint states McCoy allegedly started spraying guests with water. When Mary Roe protested, McCoy instructed his bodyguard, "Big John," to "get her."

    "Big John and/or McCoy then struck plaintiff in the face, causing her to fall to the ground, physically restrained her while she was lying on the ground, poured a beverage onto her hair, clothes, and body, and forcibly dragged and pushed her," according to the complaint. "McCoy ordered the driver to stop on the side of the highway, and after the driver did so, both Big John and McCoy then forcibly ejected plaintiff from the bus."

    When others on the bus complained, McCoy allegedly brought her back on the bus, but left her at a rest stop after she called the cops." Read more...
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    Wow, what a great guy!