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Giants need more of this team culture

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  • Giants need more of this team culture

    The Steelers are letting AB know it's about the team on that team. The temper-tantrums don't fly there and they make everyone accountable to acting like a professional. That's what we need to have. Watch the way Tomlin goes in about the situation, Mcadoo could take a few notes.

    At the end, it gets mentioned that Tomlin talks to Brown about the type of impact he has on young players. A lot more than just field production goes into being a leader. Our team isn't feeling any strong leadership. Mcadoo doesn't have Eli's back like Tomlin has Big Ben's. The Steelers have identity and direction for their team. Our team's compass is broke. Mcadoo had 4-5 months to make a game plan for this team's season and a quarter of the way through he's second guessing and unsure of what the giants need and need to do.

    Poor leadership on the sideline from Mcadoo and on the field from players like odb. The ship is a rockin' and these be dangerous waters. <insert clever pirate joke that makes a reference to JPP being captain hook>
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    Good points.

    Mac is casting blame on others.

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