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C.J. Beathard and his anscestors

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  • C.J. Beathard and his anscestors

    This kid is a good looking young QB. He's only 23.

    He has some relatives who have crossed paths with the NYG in the past.

    His uncle is Pete Beathard who bounced around in the 60s, had some good years and ended up on the Cardinals from '70-72.

    I remember watching Pete play against the Giants.

    His grandfather is Bobby Beathard the NFL GM for many years.

    Hopefully CJ won't get a bum deal now that the 49ers have obtained Grappolo but most likely he will end up on the bench.
    "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." -- Dr. Seuss

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    Every QB is gonna have a ball against the Giants defense for the rest of the year. The Giants are the worst team in the NFL this season. It doesn't necessary mean the QB will be good vs. other legit NFL teams. He has the Potential and the Beathard Arm, but having one fantastic day vs. the worst team in the league means diddly squat when his QB ratings for each of the past 4 games vs. legitimate teams and a backup QB Cardinals team were less than 80.
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