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Tom Coughlin, ex-Giants coach, was ‘very upset’ when he heard Eli Manning was benched

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  • Tom Coughlin, ex-Giants coach, was ‘very upset’ when he heard Eli Manning was benched

    Excerpt: "Tom Coughlin may no longer be the coach of the Giants, but he quickly came to his former quarterback's defense after news broke that the Giants are benching Eli Manning for the foreseeable future and will start Geno Smith against the Raiders Sunday.

    "Surprised is not the word. My sentiments are totally with Eli Manning," Coughlin said on 1010 AM Tuesday. "I love the kid."

    Coughlin and Manning were joined at the hip throughout their time in New York, as both joined the Giants in 2004 and were instrumental to the team's success and failure.

    The two developed a strong bond and led the Giants to two Super Bowl wins in 2008 and 2012.

    In addition to expressing his bewilderment at the move, Coughlin also praised Manning as not only a good player, but a good person as well.

    "He is a class act. He is a two-time Super Bowl Champion," Coughlin said on the radio show. "He is the finest, most humblest young man in that locker room.

    Coughlin, who is currently the executive vice president of football operations with the Jaguars, said despite the Giants' poor record this season, he is "very upset" with the decision to bench Manning." Read more...

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    Times were good and better back then, but it was more than 5 years ago now. The legendary Superbowl 42 upset of the 18-0 Patriots, a feat likely to never repeat again in our life time, is approaching 10 years ago, but definitely proud to have witnessed that.


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      What has happened? Why would the Owners stoop this low? Still can't believe it. What a bunch of classless ******bags.
      "Three things can happen when you throw the ball, and two of them are bad." Darrell Royal