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    Strahan was a leader, Sapp was a malcontent.
    Sapps play dropped of seriously after 30. Strahan had 22.5 sacks at age 30.
    Sapp played well in one system (Tampa 2). Strahan was good under Rust, Fox, Lynn, Lewis and Spags who all asked him to do different things as an LDE
    Most of his career Strahan was the best player on the defense. In his prime Sapp was the second best player on the TB DL (behind Rice) and the third best player on that defense (behind Brooks and Rice).

    The funniest thing I find is Sapp was crying before being voted in the HOF about Strahan's media popularity being a factor in the voting when it was Sapps presence on NFLN that probably pushed him over the top. He has the world thinking he is a great defensive mind when he is a giant jackass.