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    Originally posted by JoeBigBlue View Post
    I hated to see Nicks go....he was one of my all time favs
    Same here, Nicks was my 2nd favorite giant.


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      Originally posted by Kase-1 View Post
      Like old man Morehead said, it will happen many times in your life. I still remember how i felt when Mark Messier and Patrick Ewing retired..... Strahan was different because of how he left.

      it sucks, but players come and go, the team will always be there
      Old man Morehead remembers Patrick Ewing playing high school basketball in Boston.
      It's not Eli's fault....It's the chemtrails!!!!


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        Originally posted by DarkSaint View Post
        When your favorite athlete will retire or be replaced?

        Watching the game won't be the same again for a long time.

        I'm conflicted, Eli Manning is my favorite player of all time and Sundays without him will not be the same. A big part of me wants to rebuild and go for it with him again but here, we have a chance to get a franchise QB for another 15 years plus. Im pretty conflicted about this and have never felt this way about a pro athlete, not Jeter, not Ewing and not even Jordan. I hated the Bulls maybe that's why.. Is there anyone you guys felt this way when he retired from your favorite team?

        No. After the Giants screwed over Phill Simms and I reconciled it, which took a while, I stopped personalizing any of it. Players get old, get hurt get screwed by organizations etc..

        I stopped caring deeply decades ago. They know the rules of the game they are in. No one is holding any tearful parties for the people at my job who get screwed over on a daily basis in the name of the almighty dollar. And they won't do so when it happens to me. Which it will.

        It sucks but it's life. As MS says, ya just gotta get used to it.


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          Mike Pi***a. But the Mets made the playoffs the year after his final game as a Met.