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    Did he have foot issues coming out of college, or did they develop after we drafted him? Wondering if thats part of why we got him in the 7th round. I realize he did have some off-field issues coming out of college - some kind of petty theft that he had to serve a couple weeks in jail if I remember correctly.


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      Originally posted by JJC7301 View Post
      Rest assured, Ahmad will play for the Colts and probably rack up 750 to 1,000 yards -- even with his foot problems -- while doing a great job of protecting the QB.

      When Ahmad says that he's retired, then I'll believe that he's done in the NFL. One of the toughest players that I've ever seen play, and definitely my favorite Giant over the past few years.
      Its not likely Bradshaw gets even close to those numbers with spuratic playing time. The team may run more, now that Payton is gone, but the stats over the past few seasons dont make it likely that they will run with any success. I'm more worried that he does some perminent damage to himself.
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