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Black Monday already started

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  • Black Monday already started

    Black Sunday in this case.
    One and done. Feel bad for him, only one year to work with the team.
    " Success is never final, but failure can be " B.P.

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    And he's been a lifelong fan of the Browns. Must suck for the guy.


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      Originally posted by FourthAndOne View Post
      And he's been a lifelong fan of the Browns. Must suck for the guy.
      Not his fault either. He's not nothing to work with there.
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        He deserved more time in my opinion considering they had 3 different QB's.


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          It seems like the Browns have a strict and planned direction they're looking to go in. Started when Lombardi took over along with Banner and they traded Richardson for this years 1st. Probably looking to trade up in the draft this year also. Chud probably wasn't the guy they wanted to go forward with.
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            Supposedly after they hired him they regretted it almost immediately, so this is their solution to that.


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              OK gone---Shanahan, Schwartz, Schiano, Chudzinski, Frazier and Kubiak.

              Also read that Kiffin is gone as DC in Dallas.

              Im listening to local sports talk radio in Nashville----they mentioned that Dennis Allen could be gone--no definite yet. Munchak with the Titans, nothing mentioned yet. I also see there is some rumblings in Miami.

              My question is, are there any of those candidates or their former staff, that intrigue you?

              I know Mike Sullivan is a favorite of some around here. Chudzinski might be a good OC. Some coaches make better coordinators or positional coaches than they do head coaches.


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                This is a major reason why former coach and player broadcast analysts usually stay where they are and turn down head coaching offers.

                The Browns are probably going through a coach per year until they get a winning season.

                and of course tack on Kubiak getting fired during the season for the last place Texans. It's a tough and demanding job.