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The Sordid End of David Meggett

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    A Horrible story and a very difficult read for me as well. Demented behavior and now he will pay for a very long time. All those victims will at least get justice served finally.
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      Originally posted by titwio View Post
      I made it nearly half way through and that was enough for me. Couldn't read anymore.
      brutal read...**** him.

      bottom line we elevate these HUMAN beings to god status and then when their despicable habits come out then what?

      From LT to Hernandez, Meggett and Mark Ingram (ex Giant not the son), Adam pacman Jones,hell even Tiger Woods...

      they are only people. Some of them come from backgrounds that if not for their athleticism you would give two ****s about them anyway. (Some of you might even being scared or punked out by some of them)

      We condemn, not me, some of you, condemn Richard Sherman for being classless but you basically forgot these dudes are just some dudes and if they lack morals well what else should we expect.

      and no, I don't condone rapes, not date rapes, not statutory, none...***** is free if you got game, or you can buy it.

      so I reiterate, **** him

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        Wow. Really nasty stuff. I hope the victims get the help and comfort they need. And I hope Meggett gets the help he needs to destroy the demons that have brought havoc into his life.