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NFL May USe Bigger Rosters For Thursday Games

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  • NFL May USe Bigger Rosters For Thursday Games

    Excerpt: "Amid complaints that Thursday games force players who are banged up to hit the field without enough time to recover from their games on the Sunday before, the NFL is considering a change: Allow 49, not 46, players to suit up on Thursdays.

    The proposal (which is technically a bylaw change, not a rule change) would raise the number of active players for games on any day other than Sunday or Monday, other than in Week One. So that would include the Thursday games in Weeks 2-16, the two Saturday games planned for Week 16 this season, and any other game that happens to fall on a day other than Sunday or Monday for whatever scheduling reason." Read more...
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    Why not 53?
    Everyone has the right to be stupid. Some just abuse the privilege.


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      Should be no thursday games. Should be on fridays occasionally instead.


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        They should just get rid of them. That'd never happen though give the cash cow it has produced.