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If you believe in sports karma... (tinfoil hat time)

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  • If you believe in sports karma... (tinfoil hat time)

    I just realized that Justin Tuck's name is no accident.

    2001: Tom Brady gets wins his first playoff game against Oakland, with a big dose of help called the Tuck Rule. He wins 3 lombardis because of it.

    2007: The Patriots are denied their fourth ring in 8 years, not to mention the prospect of going down as the greatest team ever with a perfect season, partly due to one young defensive end named Tuck.

    Now he's playing for Oakland.

    If you believe in any kind cosmic interactions in sporting events, that can't be more than mere coincidence. J.Tuck was ordained to bring balance back into the football world, to cast down the once-mighty Patriots offense for their transgressions.

    Okay yeah, that was probably a load of crap. But it sounded fun while I was typing it.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.