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Eagles cut desean Jackson.

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    Nothing in the report says he was a gang member, or involved in a gang, or is affiliated with a gang. A gossip article.
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      Id take a look at him for the vet minimum.


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        Originally posted by DSP View Post
        Id take a look at him for the vet minimum.
        Interesting.... considering he will cost about $7m a year.
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          Originally posted by Harooni View Post
          they couldnt trade him?
          No they couldn't. Because even in a league filled with idiot owners, none were dumb enough to pick up his ridiculous contract. The Eagles way overpaid him and can't get out from under the contract so they cut him. Someone will sign him, but it will be for less than the contract they were trying to pawn off on some other team.


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            Originally posted by TheAnalyst View Post
            Jackson to KC with Reid?
            Could be. Andy does seem to be the only guy on the league who agrees with Jackson on his value.

            Then again there's one born every minute