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Pascoe to the Falcons

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    thanks for the time on the Giants and good luck in Atlanta. Hope you make the final roster
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      Davis has an amazingly high percentage of completions for TD. He's a good blocking TE, and should provide us with an option in the red zone. Pascoe, on the other hand, should have been cut from the Giants the last two years and the only thing that saved him was Reese's inability to find a decent TE in FA or the draft. Pascoe will probably be hard pressed to even make it to the final cut in Atlanta.


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        Originally posted by egyptian420 View Post

        Surprised this wasn't posted by anyone earlier, or maybe it was and I'm a fool lol. Guess our hole at TE just got a bit bigger.
        the apparently lack of regard for the LB and TE positions the last few drafts scream idiocy to me...

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          Originally posted by rbsp7 View Post
          What makes Kellen Davis a quality TE? Look at his stats he's terrible in every way and that includes blocking. Seattle and Chicago fans don't miss him at all.
          I said "NFL quality TE" meaning a TE that warrants a spot on an NFL roster. That is not a description that fits Bear Pascoe.


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            At the end of the day I will miss the Bear.

            He wasn't an amazing or flashy player but he was decent, and when he would catch the occasional swing pass and jump over somebody it always brought a smile to my face. lol
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