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smoking weed gets you a year. beating up fiancee gets you two games? ray rice related

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    Originally posted by NYGhtmare View Post
    Let me say first what Ray Rice did was completely wrong.

    None of us seen what fully happened, none of read the statements & police report. Plus Ray Rice's wife had a personal meeting with Goodell explaining the situation, which probably went real well. Like someone said he's a first-time offender, so I guess with all things they know, 2 games is right to them. The court of law will handle the rest...
    What happened was his fiance was like, "I still want his money so dont take much away from him." And as for first time offender, if you punch a girl, you only get one strike. It is not like smoking pot. That should be 3 strikes. Even a DUI isnt as bad as punching your spouce and knocking her out.


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      How about we fine the girlfriend for marrying him, cmon man: Rice spoke Friday for the first time since being arrested following an altercation with his then-fiancee, now-wife Janay Palmer in Atlantic City in February. Speaking at a news conference, Rice apologized for "the situation my wife and I were in," and promised reporters that he is "working every day to be a father, a better husband and a better role model."
      Forget the Past, Live for the Future!