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Ben Rothlisberger is the biggest turd.

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    Re: Ben Rothlisberger is the biggest turd.

    [quote user="gumby742"]

    [quote user="gmen0820"][quote user="gumby742"]if you think Eli is elite, but Ben isn't, you're a hypocrite. Simple.[/quote]Depending on reasoning. Prior to this year, Eli's best year, everyone's reasoning was the ring and winning games. If that is the case yes, it is hypocritical. I mean now, Eli has put up a better year than Ben has ever put up. Does that make Eli elite and Ben not elite, no, I don't think so. Matter of fact, I think this whole elite discussion is pointless when discussed with a range of different people.[/quote]</P>

    Saying Eli's performance this year is better then any year Ben has ever put up is highly questionable.* To take it a step further, Ben has been playing at a high level since his rookie season.* Eli only recently started turning it up.* Ben's being doing it better for longer.</P>

    All arguments made,* Ben bests Eli is practically every major category.* The football related thing I can think of that Eli has and Ben doesn't is Eli's comback factor.</P>

    Whether people want to say Eli is better then Ben, whatever.* But I'm just pointing out that to think Eli is on a whole different playing field then Ben is rubbish.</P>[/quote]As a career yes, I might agree, but Eli has been nothing short of incredible this year. Superior pocket movement, anticipation, accuracy, pocket toughness, and his ability to throw balls balls into tighter windows.

    And I wouldn't agree about the comeback factor, Ben has more 4th quarter comebacks and game winning drives than Eli.
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