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General Question About The Franchise Tag

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  • General Question About The Franchise Tag

    When the team has a player who is franchisable and they want to re-sign him to a long-term deal, why do some teams not use the tag? I was reading about Houston CB AJ Bouye. The Texans wanted him back and were offering a decent amount, but didn't franchise tag him. This enabled him to sign with Jacksonville for the most money. Why wouldn't the Texans have franchised him and hammered out a deal before the July deadline? They have the cap space even if he played on the tag, but the tag would likely make an extension easier.

    Also, as it pertains to Josh Norman last year, is the franchise tag rescindable at all times or is it only rescindable if the player hasn't signed the tender?

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    can only rescind the tag if the player has not signed yet.


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      Once the Tinder is signed the deal is done unless a long term contract is agreed upon. The whole Norman thing made the Panthers look foolish. They were bluffing and Norman knew it . They want to sign him for 37.5 or 7.5 per year 5 years from what I recall, far under the tag price of 14. Norman called their bluff.
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