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    Im interested to hear a Red Sox's fan take on the Adam Jones incident. I don't want to hear the old "can't judge a fan base off of a few bad seeds" excuse either. That city and that fanbase has a nasty history of this. Which is backed up by numerous former players and former opposing players. I get that it's like being in a cult to be a Red Sox fan. I saw one Red Sox fan poster on here refer to the Red Sox as "god's team". Which comes off as bad considering how sick some of these fans are. That city doesn't deserve a pro team to be honest.


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      When the Sox come home on Friday they will have played May and June essentially on the road.
      14 out of 43 games at home since early May.
      I expect a huge explosion of wins in July. Hang on to your hats folks.
      Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter accusations.