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LeBron's Denial Is Strong...

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  • LeBron's Denial Is Strong...

    He's not responsible for Super Teams? AYFKM? It was ironic that the originator of "Super Teams" was defeated by the ultimate new Super Team. He then makes examples of where teams built rosters with old "over the hill" former Super Stars as earlier evidence of said Super Teams. Adding 40 year old Gary Payton and Karl Malone to your roster is not the same as players in the pure prime abandoning very good teams to cheat for a chip. Not even close. It is amazing to me that someone who frequently comes across as intelligently as LeBron does could seem so foolish in making a statement like this. I'll go one further, if LeBron hadn't been a case in point for KD to point to, he'd have never left OKC for GS in the first place. Congrats LBJ, now Cleveland has to figure out how to make a more Super Team. Good luck with that. They need to turn Kevin Love into Paul George and that's probably still not enough. Barring injury, GS is about to make the NBA very disinteresting for many years. Again, LeBron played out of his mind in those finals and Kyrie was a beast. That netted them one freaking game once they were already down 3-0. I'm waiting for Summer 2018 when LeBron leaves Cleveland to play for GS on their mid-level exception. That's a joke, but at the same time I wouldn't be shocked. KD said if you don't like blowouts, don't watch. I think that's tremendous advice.
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    He isn't responsible for "Super Teams" when you think about it. He was silly for citing the Lakers with Payton and Malone considering how done they were at the time. IMO, the Blazers were the first to start, considering how many great players they had in their primes. Damon Stoudemire, Rasheed Wallace, Scottie Pippen, and Sabonis? That team went 10 deep. I agree that LeBron should just take his L like a man and move on.
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