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Aaron Donald or Odell

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    Originally posted by Southern Living View Post
    Aaron Donald. He is involved in every defensive play, while a WR only touches the ball 8 to 10 times a game. The Giants would have won more games with he isn’t injury prone like Odell.
    The 2016 was built on the strength of the defensive line. Put Donald in the mix and you still don't score any points, and that is where we are at right now.
    Because of all of the effort and examination being poured into these predictions, the draft is a robust market that, in the aggregate, does a good job of sorting prospects from top to bottom.1 Yet despite so many people trying to “beat the market,” no single actor can do it consistently. Abnormal returns are likely due to luck, not skill. But that hasn’t stopped NFL executives from behaving with the confidence of traders.