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    Kind of sad to see guys pleading for a job publicly through social media etc.

    News alert, if you want a job have your agent speak to the people making those decisions.

    Fans DO NOT create ANY momentum toward bringing in an over the hill wide receiver.

    Victor still hasn't seemed to grasp that his social media status was based on his on field production.

    He hasn't been productive in too long to remember.

    In addition to being able to perform at an NFL level, a #4 or #5 receiver needs to be 2 additional things at a minimum:

    1. He must come cheap

    2. He must be able to contribute on special teams
    No one remembers who came in second.


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      what do you expect? he became a social media hoar after one dope season. as he spent more and more time making commercials. he started falling off (healthwise included), when in reality he shoulda kept honing his craft and not forgetting he was an UDFA.

      instead he started existing vicariously through odell, fooling himself that they shared the limelight
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