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Giants will be reaching between rounds 2 - 4

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    Re: Giants will be reaching between rounds 2 - 4

    [quote user="Kruunch"][quote user="greenca190"][quote user="Kruunch"][quote user="deekay7685"]keep an eye on wr- jordan white to be our new flanker in the middle rounds.
    i also think slb prospects like nigel bradham or keenan robinson are better fits for our defense than the lb's listed.[/quote]

    I like Keenan Robinson a lot for the Giants.

    4th or 5th round pick there.[/quote]

    I'd take him in the 2nd. But that's not a reach or anything. That's just my organizations perspective on things in comparison to how the masses feel.

    I can't believe I read this whole thread. What a waste.[/quote]

    Taking a borderline 4th round pick in the second is the definition of reach.

    If you really wanted him *and* you had intel that another team was going to jump that pick, then that's a different story ... but it would still be considered a reach by the masses.[/quote]

    Oh my god it was complete sarcasm, dude. That, while making fun of how stubborn some people on this board can be with semantics.