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NFL Draft Stock Watch - Post 2012 Combine

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    Re: NFL Draft Stock Watch - Post 2012 Combine

    [quote user="Kruunch"][quote user="juice33s"][quote user="Kruunch"][quote user="critters"][quote user="juice33s"]One of the biggest winners for me was mychal kendricks. IMO he moved himself in to the #2 ILB spot and solid 2nd round pick

    If he is the 2nd rated ILB, I don't think he'll be available in the 2nd. Hightower and Kuechly are 2 ILBs that are projected to go in the first round.

    I'm seeing him more as a late 3rd or early 4th round pick.[/quote]
    The guy was the pac 10 defensive player of the year with elite measurables, no way in hell he goes round 4 or even late 3rd

    You're talking about the MLB is who is 5'10?

    And yes he's rated as a 3rd or 4th round pick (late 3rd to be exact).[/quote]He measured in at 5'11 and beat Patrick Willis in every single combine event.... He's going in the 2nd, the 3-4 round rating was pre combine, obviously things have changed