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offseason FA / Draft - pre FA start

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  • offseason FA / Draft - pre FA start

    Giants resign the following free agents
    Carr - Why not?
    Devin Thomas
    Goff - have not heard his name mentioned at all, would take pressure off needing new mlb
    Terrell Thomas
    Justin Tryon
    Rocky Bernard had ok year last year as #3 DT

    Would love to resign Manningham to keep the dynamic offense in place, but he may be to expensive as the #3 option, considering we will have to pay Cruz and Nicks soon.

    Other teams FA
    An experienced TE, just in case Christian Hopkins is not ready. Hopkins caught a lot of passes in college and may be the ultimate answer.

    one experienced o lineman

    Steve Smith?.

    DRAFT - just a projection
    I could see the Giants getting as many as two comp picks a 5 and a 7 maybe. So here goes.

    1. Mark Barron Safety. It seems the Giants often times draft a player in the early rounds with the idea of using him in the second year. Kenny Phillips is a FA next year. Antrel Rolle is way overpaid. Deon Grant will not be here in two years and peobably not next year. Sash and Chad Jones hopefully can contribute. He may be gone by the time we pick, but i have seen mocks with him going anywhere from 22-40. If he is gone maybe Coby Fleener and get rid of Beckham who is out anyway.

    2. Chandler Jones DE. Another player who could be gone. Replace Osi next year.

    3. Brandon Moseley OT Auburn
    4. A.J. Jenkins wr Illinois
    5A Davin Meggett RB Maryland son of Dave
    5B.Kevin Koger TE Michigan
    6. Ron Brooks CB LSU
    7A. Najee Good MLB WVU
    7B. Scott Wedige C Northern Illinois