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RB Chris Polk, Washington Huskies = Our new RB?

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    Re: RB Chris Polk, Washington Huskies = Our new RB?

    I like him. He's good but I wouldn't classify him in elite category as far as getting yards after contact, despite his production. I don't think he's in Trent Richardson's/Doug Martin's class in that area as he seems to go down easily like Jacobs does when he gets to the second level at times. His burst is decent, but I don't think he's in the class of lamar miller or david wilson in that aspect as well.. as he's kind of a long strider just like jacobs.

    Seems like a less dynamic version of most of the runningbacks in this class. I think you could use his great production against him as well, as some nfl teams would prefer a young back with fresh legs. I like him, but I like him best as a Day 3 pick