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David Wilson is a backflipper as well

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    Re: David Wilson is a backflipper as well

    The reason I think Wilson is the 2nd best back in this draft is simple:

    Of the top 4 rbs(TR, Wilson, Martin, and Miller) 2 were the focal point of every defense they faced all season long. Those were TR and David Wilson.

    Initially, teams who played Miami played them as a passing team. Miller lit those teams up running for 100 yards in his 1st 5 games(Maryland, Ohio state, Kstate, Bethune Cookman and Viginia Tech). However, by mid season he became the focal point of defenses and his production suffered a great deal. In his final 7 games, he only had 2 100 yard games(Duke and BC)

    Martin was valuable to his offense but he certainly wasnt THE focal point of defenses. The Boise State timing passing game and balanced attack certainly prevented teams from stacking to stop Martin. That offense is not designed for him to be the focal point so its not exactly his fault. Yet still, his biggest games were vs pretty poor teams and he was largely mia vs good teams. Again, tho, this is not all his fault BSU didnt play the same level of competition so he really didnt have many opportunities to shine vs the big boys.

    On the other hand, Virginia Tech's offense was designed around Wilson just as Bama's offense was based on TR. Yet these 2 guys consistently gained yards despite defenses stacking to stop the run.

    Based on end of season rankings VT played a tougher schedule(VT 48th, UM 66th, BSU 83rd).

    So he was the focal point of the defenses he played, he played the tougher schedule and he not only out produced the other 2 , but he was much more consistent in his production. Thats why I like him.

    I like watching all 3 play and see reasons to like em all. But, I like Wilson the best of those 3. I would also say that I like the running form of Wilson and Martin more then Miller. I like guys who run low to the ground and behind their shoulder pads. Miller gets low when he goes through holes, but he runs upright otherwise.