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Mock Draft 4/4/12

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    Re: Mock Draft 4/4/12

    [quote user="Shockeystays08"][quote user="Kruunch"][quote user="Shockeystays08"]
    You have both Brewer and Jernigan behind your rookie tackle and WR. The Giants brass have made it clear that Brewer and Jernigan are in their immediate plans.two rookies are not coming in and supplanting them on the depth chart. Ain't happening![/quote]

    Immediate plans = training camp.

    Regular season is a whole different bag of beans.

    Sinorice Moss should have taught you that.[/quote]

    Comparing Moss and Jernigan is like comparing Ryan Leaf and Eli Manning. Imo. Reese drafted Jernigan to play not observe. Reese does not invest #3 picks as back -ups. Jernigan will have the chance to be the #3 b4 any others and he will win the job as expected. Seems about 70 - 80 % of the folks on this board recognize Jernigan has got a great shot to be a good one for us. The others are kinda thickheaded about it. Thing is it's ok to have a difference of opinion. If we all agreed on everything = what a bore. Brewster was a #4 and is being groomed to play for Mac. I know Reese has made mention that he expects good things from Brewster and that's not as a bench warmer. I'm all for getting great players and position competition but to state that 2 rookies are going to come in and beat out Jernigan and Brewster just sounds like a stretch![/quote]

    Brewer (heh) hasn't even sniffed the field yet and Jernigan hasn't shown he can do more then drop a slant.

    They COULD be starters this year and they could be total bench warmers. It's who materializes that matters (and many times that starts in the preseason). If Cruz doesn't have a huge game against the Jets in the preseason of 2010 (started off by an obvious offensive pass interference I might add), he's not on a roster last year.

    Point is we don't know. It's not inconceivable that a rookie this year could beat out second and third year bench warmers. And vica versa of course.

    And Reese has mentioned Brewers name ONCE since drafting him ... and that was as an explanation for releasing KM as expected.

    What did you expect him to say ... Brewer is a fat lard and we're going to draft two OTs in the first three rounds?!
    I don't always root for the Cowboys but when I do I wear my pink Jessica Simpson edition Romo jersey. (yes I lost a bet)


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      Re: Mock Draft 4/4/12

      [quote user="tdawg1413"][quote user="Kruunch"]I like the trade although it will never happen (we just don't trade out of the first).

      The picks I don't like:

      Ron Brooks - a bit small for what we like in CB and a 6th round prospect ... why reach?

      Mike Martin - Undersized DT ... no thanks.

      Otherwise I like it [b][/quote]

      I usually go by this site as my guideline and it has Brooks as a 3rd rounder, which I feel is a bit high but better than the 6th for me.

      Also, Martin is short but at about 305, he could be a good UT in our rotation. He is strong as an ox though.

      Yeah I don't see a guy who had mediocre measurables and game tape being a 3rd rounder (but maybe some teams don't get past his 40 time).

      Martin doesn't do much for me but its all about game day eventually.
      I don't always root for the Cowboys but when I do I wear my pink Jessica Simpson edition Romo jersey. (yes I lost a bet)


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        Re: Mock Draft 4/4/12

        [quote user="myles2424"]Lovin the Doug Martin pick/ trading down... But, I'd much rather Grab a LB like Nigel Bradham in the 3rd instead of Franklin..[/quote]

        agreed 100%


        2015 season tbd