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    1. Amini Silatolu – G/T, Midwestern St.

    His name has been knocking around here for a while, and it is clear he’ll be gone by #64, so what the heck – let’s take him at #32. He is trained as a tackle, but can play guard which gives him versatility. It’s tough to know just how good he can be because you watch him just manhandle DII opponents, but does that translate? If it does, he’s the best guard in the class. If not, then he is almost definitely still serviceable. I’d bet we end up with a borderline pro-bowl G for the next 10 years after an initial break-in period of somewhere between a half and a full season.

    -Other Possibilities: Doug Marin (RB, Boise St.), Coby Fleener (TE, Stanford)

    2. Billy Winn – DT/DE, Boise St.

    I haven’t seen his name mentioned much on these boards, but I like him as a prospect – especially for the Giants. We like guys who can line up at different spots, and he can move inside and outside, and is very active. I think he is the type of player who impacts the play even when he doesn’t make the hit. He would fit nicely in our defensive rotation.

    -Other Possibilities: Dwayne Allen (TE, Clemson), Brian Quick (WR, App. St.)

    3. Robert Turbin – RB, Utah St.

    A few months ago when I first mocked Turbin to the Giants in the 3rd, I felt the need to explain the pick and talk about Turbin. Now, I don’t...he seems to be the player most often mocked to the Giants on these boards. I guess everyone saw RedEye’s videos.

    -Other Possibilities: Zebrie Sanders (OT, FSU), Ladarius Green (TE, LA-Lafeyette)

    4a. Jonathan Massaquoi – DE/OLB, Troy

    I got this guy from FroZen’s mock, so I would refer you there to learn more about him. You should check out that mock anyway, because I think it is one of the best I’ve seen (and it has pictures).

    -Other Possibilities: Tom Compton (T, South Dakota), Cyrus Grey (RB, Texas A&M)

    4b. Ryan Broyles – WR/KR, Oklahoma

    Broyles is a high energy receiver with the ability to make guys miss on kick returns or after he catches the ball. Will he beat out Hixon or JJ who have similar skill sets? I don’t know. But he was a productive player in major college football – kind of like a guy who we lost in free agency.

    -Other Possibilities: Marvin McNutt (WR, Iowa), Greg Childs (WR, Arkansas), Tommy Streeter (WR, Miami)

    6. James Hanna – TE, Oklahoma

    We need some TE depth. See pick 4a.

    -Other Possibilities: Marcel Jones (T, Nebraska), Donte Paige-Moss (DE, UNC)

    7. Janzen Jackson – S, McNeese St.

    You know the story. Blue chip recruit played big for Tennessee as a freshman for 9 games before getting suspended for smoking pot. Then, he was arrested for armed robbery. The charges were dropped, and he was named to all SEC All-Freshman Team. As a sophomore he was 2nd Team All SEC, and then was kicked off the team for undisclosed reasons (it was multiple drug test failures). He transferred to football powerhouse McNeese St. and underperformed. Who knows where this troubled kid will be drafted. But with his natural ability, if he is there in the 6th or 7th, I’d take a shot on him.

    -Other Possibilities: Alfred Morris (RB, FAU), Dale Moss (WR, South Dakota St.)

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    Re: One week away Mock

    no thoughts?
    i guess that means it's perfect...or so bad that no one even has a comment.


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      Re: One week away Mock

      the latter...


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        Re: One week away Mock

        Well, I appreciate the honesty Spizi. As well as the insightful critique.