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Final Mock...4.25.....Lets go Reese!!

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  • Final Mock...4.25.....Lets go Reese!!

    Round 1 - Coby Fleener, TE - Stanford
    This kid is perfect fit for our offense. Great size, superb hands and speed. Abover average blocker.

    Round 2 - Andre Branch, DE - Clemson
    Great in pursuit. With the Osi situation up in the air, the Giants cannot afford to neglect the DE position.

    Round 3 - AJ Jenkins, WR - Illinois
    Super productive receiver. Actually reminds me a lot of MM. Could be good in return game and provide pressure on JJ.

    Round 4(a) - Jaye Howard, DT - Florida
    Howard is one of my favorite players in this draft. His stock is rising and rightfully so. All the big names on Florida's defense got the hype, but this kid just produced.

    Round 4(b) - Bernard Pierce, RB - Temple
    RB is definately an area to address, but I think the Giants like Scott and to bring a ultra productive guy like Pierce can only help the position's depth.

    Round 6 - Desmond Wynn, OG - Rutgers
    Another guy I really like in this draft. Versitile player that can play OG/C. Giants like versitility on the line and this kid provides it.

    Round 7 - Coty Sensabaugh, CB - Clemson
    Smooth. He looked good at the combine and could be a steal in the late rounds.
    "Hey, let me buy you a pack of gum. I'll show you how to chew it."

    2014 Draft:
    Round 1 - Eric Ebron, TE - North Carolina
    Round 2 - David Yankey, OG - Stanford
    Round 3 - Allen Robinson, WR - Penn State
    Round 4 - Anthony Johnson, DT - LSU
    Round 5 - Rashaad Reynolds, CB - Oregon State
    Round 6 - Andrew Jackson, ILB - W. Kentucky
    Round 7 - ** Traded for Jon Beason **

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    Re: Final Mock...4.25.....Lets go Reese!!

    Andre branch won't be there for us in the 2nd, he could end up going in the first


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      Re: Final Mock...4.25.....Lets go Reese!!

      [quote user="juice33s"]Andre branch won't be there for us in the 2nd, he could end up going in the first

      same thing with jenkins in the 3rd. hes a 2nd rounder at worst.