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    [quote user="Toadofsteel"]

    I think the 1st round will be for an OT or OG. We NEED to beef up our offensive line. The run game last year was pitiful. Yes, a lot of it was due to injury on our line and the patchwork construct we had to field in its place, but we need young and healthy at the offensive line in order to stave off further injury and add depth.

    IF the O-line is beefed up, I don't think we need to select a RB early. RB's can be easily developed from late picks (e.g., Bradshaw), and I think Da'Rel Scott will improve this season with a full offseason under his belt (I have a hunch that he didn't get any carries because in practice TC was working on fixing his fumbleitis as he once did with Tiki).

    At WR, I think that JJ is also set to have an awesome year, plus the speed with which JR resigned Hixon means that at least one of those two receivers will be set to be our 3rd WR. I'm not worried about WR in the slightest.

    If it's not on the offensive line, any 1st rounder we have will likely be spent on a D-lineman. Getting depth to replace Osi is important (who, whether he plays for us or not in 2012, IS getting old), plus we could always use a DT as well.

    Of course, you could just ignore everything I just said and call BPA, that works just fine in our system as well. I'm just saying that our biggest needs are on both offensive and defensive lines.


    You might be right but JR picks for talent not need. When you look at it the giants have people who can play on the OL already waiting. Yeah sure they could use more there.

    At DE Kiwi can move back to DE so OSi situation is solved. Sure a DE would be nice.

    RB bradshaw is there but Scott has great talent and again a dynamic RB would be cool.

    TE of course is not a need

    Of all the positions that seem weak 3rd WR
    is a concern to me but JR will do what he has
    done and find the best player after all the research of 1 yr.

    He will pick the best player and not a need.

    The guy is amazing at finding talent.

    LT - Carson - Kelley - Van Pelt