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possible NYG draft picks playing in BCS National Championship Game

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    Originally posted by harrycarson View Post
    Wow you are truely just not with it.....notre dame had a fluff schedule and did not have to play a cenference champ game which is the hardest of the season for teams.....notre dame would get rocked hard by anyone in top 10
    THey went to Norman and beat Oklahoma, who played in the cotton bowl, and they beat Stanford, who won the Rose Bowl, and they beat Micigan St at Michigan St, who beat TCU in there bowl, and they beat BYU, who went bowling, and they beat USC, who went bowling, and they beat Michigan, who gave S.Carolina everything they had in there bowl game, and they beat Pitt, who went bowling.. Michigan, Michigan St, Stanford, Oklahoma, BYU, Pitt, isn't that easy of a schedule..