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What player/players are u willing to gamble on that are injured or been in trouble?

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  • What player/players are u willing to gamble on that are injured or been in trouble?

    Theres always top notch prospects who fall becuase of Injurys and from being in trouble, weather kicked off team, or with the LAW or combanation of both.. Outta this yrs guys, are there any ur hoping fall to us in mid to later rds, so maybe we are the lucky ones who get the golden value? Of course u could also get a wasted

    I was thinking about Marcus Lattimore RB S.Carolina more then anyone when i thought of this thread.. THink about the potential if he comes back healthy, teamed up with David Wilson? ALl of a sudden, u got 2 1st rd RB's , and lattimore won't go till probably the late 4th-5th, earliest..

    Obviously, u got the Honey Badger as well, on this list because of trouble. Michael Mauti , Quanterus Smith, John Boyett, Knile Davis, Ray Ray Armstrong, Montori Hughes, Brennan Williams, Brandon Jenkins, Tank Carradine, and many others qualify for either Trouble or Injury causing there stocks to drop... By dropping, i mean even if its a 1st rd talent possibly going in RD 2or3 or anything.. Just basically guys whos stocks are being hurt by Injury or trouble and who u think are worth the gamble..

    I'm also still hoping for possibly Brennan Williams in RD 3, which would be insane.. Mauti is a guy i'd take a flier on in the 5th, and also Montori Hughes, whos got oodles of talent, but has some charechter and maturity issues.. I like most of em if the values right...

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    Can only really respond based on what we know of the player before the injury since we wont get the doc's info from the combine.

    That said, I like Brennen Williams, Tank Carradine, Knile Davis and Brandon Jenkins. Possibly Mauti as well. These werent just good football players prior to their injuries, they were dominant football players.

    Another guy I might mention, even tho he did play a fair bit this year but did so injured is Jelani Jenkins. I would have rather seen him come back and try to get a full year under his belt to show he can be healthy, but he is coming out. I liken him to when Armstead came out. He was oft injured in college but his production and athleticism were unparralleled during the moments when we was able to get on the field. He is worth a 3rd day pick.


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      That would be sick to get Lattimore in the 4th. Brandon Jenkins and the honey badger would be good for the 3rd and 4th respectively.


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        Honey Badger in the 5th.. TC isn't putting up with his crap, this is a good spot for him..


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          A lot have already mentioned the honey badger and Lattimore but the first name that stands out to me is Michael Mauti