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    Originally posted by slipknottin View Post
    Oher also just got moved to RT because he is a very poor LT.

    Osemele was the RT, but he got moved to LG when Oher got moved to RT.

    We can talk about the ravens investing in their OL, but really they did not have that good of a unit.
    Ya, but still, Osemeles doing very well as a rookie, and most thought Guard with him anyhow, and just because Oher moved to RT, dosen't mean he isn't a big part of that Oline, he just wasen't a LT type.. I'm just wondering where the FA's are? They just had some guys playing out of positon is all.. Ohers been on that oline through some very good yrs, Osemeles first yr, resulted in starting for a SB team, and Yanda is also very good as well.. They got some solid players like Gradkowski and Harewood to come off the bench as well.. THey've built a nice oline through the draft, especially now that they seem to have everyone in positon..