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    Originally posted by slipknottin View Post
    Maualuga is awful tho
    There are more than two modes of assessment: great / awful. He's not awful ... he's just not the MLB version of Clay Matthews (which everyone thought he'd be coming out of USC). Arguably he's playing out of position (he makes a much better SAM and why he had so much success his first two years).

    And no one was saying Maualuga was awful back in 2009 and 2010.

    I'd certainly take him over Kiwi playing SAM.
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      Well at least Te'o ain't the only gullible fool. and these clowns are professionals.

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        Originally posted by rainierjef View Post

        Well at least Te'o ain't the only gullible fool. and these clowns are professionals.
        Yep, was just reading that. Seems this thing is more common than I thought. I guess thats why 'To Catch a Predator' is so successful. The days of actually physically seeing someone are over.


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          Originally posted by Kruunch View Post
          I feel that way about all college players until they prove themselves.

          But I put a lot of stock in the Polynesian crowd ... football is a religion with them. Dunno I'd want him as a first round pick though.
          I don't know, the Giants had Chris Mamalaunga way back when as DT and he sucked bad....then again I think he was of Maori origin instead.


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            Originally posted by TheEnigma View Post
            Late 2nd/Early 3rd at the worst. Probably would have been a highly reached player before the whole "girlfriend hoax" story. His combine interviews will be huge for him.
            so u dont even have him with a 1rst round grade??


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              Originally posted by giantsfan420 View Post
              so u dont even have him with a 1rst round grade??
              Just analyzing what he offers from an athletic standpoint in the NFL, he should be a 2nd round 3-4 ILB. His leadership and character are the biggest positives to scouts so it will be up to teams individually to determine from combine interviews if he can still be that guy in the NFL. He will be one of those players some teams give him a late 1st and others won't touch him unless it's 3rd round value.


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                Originally posted by RoanokeFan View Post
                And Reese stays true to form with his BPA comment.
                What's your call RF If Te'o is available at 19, do you think Reese will pick him up ?
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                  No way should the Giants take Teo in the first. As other posters have pointed out he got destoryed against Alabama, which is the closet to NFL level of play he will see in college.