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We need to draft a MLB.

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    Originally posted by TheEnigma View Post
    He's not really a project player though. 6-1 and 250lbs with a few years of experience at ILB for FSU. He just hasn't been noticed because he plays behind a really good defensive line.
    Didn't we say the same thing about Phillip Dillard?
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      I have a feeling if Ogletree is there at 19 he'll be a Giant. Not that saying he's who I want them to draft, (although I wouldn't be disappointed) just saying I can see Reese pulling the trigger. Ogletree is a "freak athlete" who I'm predicting is going to blow up the combine. Reese has had a tendency to go for the those kind of guys based on athleticism alone.

      Alec's biggest weakness is shedding and disengaging blocks (something I'm not too worried about given his upside and ability to get stronger) but he has excellent instincts, great speed sideline to sideline and coverage ability...all things which I think the Giants organization will look to add especially given what the Redskins and Eagles will be doing regarding their offenses.

      I actually think he'll be better suited at Will but I'm just getting a hunch that if both Tackles are off the board, (Johnson & Fisher) don't be surprised if Alec Ogletree ends up being the selection.
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        Trade up to get DJ fluker
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          Originally posted by Redeyejedi View Post
          His stats are low because he only plays in the base 4-3 from what I saw. they pull him off the field in the Nickel. i read that he played in the Nickel against Duke I might have to watch that game to see how he does.
          If you get that game, I'd like to see it if you would want to post it. I watched a few other games and he seemed just a slight second away from making a playing in coverage. He could have concentration issues in coverage for games instead of athleticism like I initially expected.

          Didn't we say the same thing about Phillip Dillard?
          FSU doesn't have a Ndamukong Suh lol. I get your point but I think Dillard's situation was unique playing behind someone who has the physical tools to be a future HoFer. Suh's just a poopface who can't see the big picture.


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            Originally posted by El Rey View Post
            Hello, everyone. Used to post on the old boards and have been a reader for years. The reason I have decided to finally post is the fact that I very strongly believe that our defense would immensely benefit from drafting a legitimate three-down MLB of the future this year. A pretty weak FA crop of LB's and a very strong draft class for LB's (specifically inside 'backers) lead me to believe we cannot settle for another year of Blackburn and MUST get one of the following guys (all of which seem to be the most talented potential three-down guys):

            Manti Te'o
            Alec Ogletree
            Kevin Minter
            Arthur Brown
            Kevin Red****
            Vince Williams
            Here is my question.......and keep in mind I am NO draft expert/guru. From the lists I have seen aren't guys like Ogletree and Brown projected as OLB in the draft? If so how much difficulty would there be from going from OLB to ILB in a 4-3? Our MLB as its been said is the QB of the defense.......can these fellas make the transition and still make an impact?


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              Originally posted by Redeyejedi View Post
              If they are going to get 1 I hope they just solve the problem with a 3 down plug and play MLB


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                Woule love Olgetree


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                  Originally posted by Trueblue4life View Post
                  Woule love Olgetree
                  yup.. hopefully he doesnt blow up at the combine..