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Lets try this, top 15 players

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    Originally posted by slipknottin View Post
    Yea, Im assuming there will be roughly 5 or so guys that we dont really expect. Another 5 or so might drop.

    Its just interesting to me what players the giants could be looking at at 19.
    I haven't paid any attention to the QBs, any chance of a few in the top 20? That definetly helps


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      Originally posted by myles2424 View Post
      I haven't paid any attention to the QBs, any chance of a few in the top 20? That definetly helps
      There saying Buffalos gonna reach for one, possibly Glennon.. I personally would take my chance on Matt Barkley after Geno Smith, if i was gonna reach for one.. At least thats a guy that less then a yr ago, people hadded pegged as top 10 all day long.. But anyhow, 1or possibly 2of Glennon , Barkley , or WIlson could somehow find there way into top 20.. If these teams are smart, they'd pass on those guys, but they probably won't..


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        Originally posted by slipknottin View Post
        What players, are the most likely to go top 15? Can do this to get a better idea of what players the giants will have to choose from at 19.

        Start with the most likely.

        QBs Im going to skip, but I will assume at least 2 will go, which 2 I dont really care.
        3. OT Jockel
        4. DE Werner
        5. DE Moore
        6. CB Millner
        7. DT Loutelei
        8. DT Richardson
        9. OLB Mingo
        10. OG Warmack
        11. LB Ogletree
        12. DE Ansah
        13. OT Fisher
        14. OT Johnson
        15. OLB Jarvis Jones

        Then there are 3 more picks before the giants pick.

        This is the next group of guys
        WR Patterson
        WR Allen
        TE Eifert/Ertz
        DE Okafor/Jones
        DT Hankins/Floyd

        Just saying, its entirely possible that all the guys that are commonly mocked to the giants could easily be gone. Yes someone could fall, but thats not the point of this. Just trying to look at what guys are probably going to still be there. Of course a run on QBs always helps
        Let's hope after some good combines that 1 or multiple WR,RB or QBs go before 19.....


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          that would be so awesome if Fisher somehow fell to us...


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            I can't see Fisher getting past Miami who's about to lose Long. if he even makes it out of the top 10.

            I think you'll see Xavier Rhodes fly up late like Steph Gilmore did. I'd be more than happy to take him at 19.


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              This is my guess to who will go in the top 18 before our pick

              1. Chiefs - Geno Smith, QB (McNabb 2.0)
              2. Jaguars - Star Lotulelei, DT
              3. Raiders - Bjoern Werner, DE
              4. Eagles - Luke Joeckel, OT
              5. Lions - Ezekiel Ansah, DE (Remember, they love DL prospects and he's the most intriguing)
              6. Browns - Barkevious Mingo DE/OLB
              7. Cardinals - Eric Fisher, OT
              8. Bills - Mike Glennon, QB
              9. Jets - Dee Milliner, CB (Might be reading too much into the Jets but if they deal one of their CBs, it's possible)
              10. Titans - Chance Warmack, OG
              11. Chargers - Damontre Moore, DE/OLB
              12. Dolphins - Lane Johnson, OT
              13. Buccaneers - Johnathan Banks, CB
              14. Panthers - Sheldon Richardson, DT
              15. Saints - Jarvis Jones LB (Saints take medical risks)
              16. Rams - Keenan Allen, WR
              17. Steelers - Sharrif Floyd, DT (Perfect size to be a 3-4 DE in their scheme)
              18. Cowboys - Johnathan Hankins, DT (They did take a hit at the position with the loss of Josh Brent)

              Of course, none of this factors in trades but I feel at least 80% of these players will go before our pick.


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                teams will reach for QBs early.. I think Lane Johnson or Sheldon Richardson could be there at #19


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                  I wouldn't even attempt this until after the Combine. The boards will change drastically after the Top 10 (or possibly Top 5).
                  I don't always root for the Cowboys but when I do I wear my pink Jessica Simpson edition Romo jersey. (yes I lost a bet)