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if we draft a pass rush Dend

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  • if we draft a pass rush Dend

    Wouldn't that just take away time for JPP, Osi being healthy was actually worse for us because Jpp was playing Dtackle and left end. He kills it from the right side and isn't that's were he had all his sacks his second year? I could be wrong but i feel he needs to be there on 3rd downs for us. That's when he produces the most... Correct me if I'm wrong on anything here and let me know y we would want to move him from right end on 3rd downs i feel there's no point.... Feed back please

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    Doesn't really have anything to with JPP. You need to draft someone to succeed Justin Tuck who seems like he doesn't have it anymore.


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      No, keeping the players fresh and rotating them in is the way to go.


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        I can see the reason for having an extra guy for depth, i def can see the reason for drafting a left end because of Tuck but to take JPP away from the RDE position on 3rd down is just the dumbest thing we can do for this defense (besides starting CWebb again this year haha), guy had 16 sacks 2years ago because he played there. This past season they were putting him at DT, theres no reason to do that...


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          I disagree, i believe JPP adapted Tuck's sluggish bullrush style of rushing, that has been ineffective for him for the past two seasons. It rubs off, which is why i want Tuck cut, is sluggish energy is a bad influence on his teammates, no longer the captain he was in the past. JPP also put on weight and did not have the moves and quickness or speed rush around the edge that he had his first two seasons. He is not using his athleticism and quickness to his advantage. He needs to re watch some of his older highlights from USF, as compared to just bullrushing up into the OLineman attempting to knock him over.