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sheldon richardson vs desmond trufant respnd quick please

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    Originally posted by Sovereign View Post
    The Giants defense is predicated on the defensive line then the secondary. The main reason they stopped Tom Brady's offense in 2007, the highest scoring offense of all time was because the defensive line hit him all night long. And you want a drunk linebacker over Sheldon Richardson?

    Besides that you also need a decent secondary. I'm sure we've seen the war crimes committed by Corey Webster and you want a drunk LB over the better CBs in the draft?
    The kid got one DUI in college, now we're labeling him a "drunk?" Not realistic. Id love a CB pick and was kind of hoping Webster would walk, but now that we resigned him id much rather see a LB pick first, then a CB. We have no good LB period and havent for years. Im more confident in Prince and Webby than any of our LBs. I like Ogletree, but he doesnt have to be the pick. Mingo would fit great, Brown, and I really like Greene.
    To answer the OPs question, Id say Trufant if we are to take a CB, but if Rhodes is there he's the CB to take. No shot at Milliner.
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    7. Billy Brown WR Shepherd

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