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who the giants should draft

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  • who the giants should draft

    instead of thinking who will they surely be able to get maybe looking for just great players who will fall is a good option.
    i think some players who could fall and are very talented are
    • bjoern werner
    • damontre moore
    • barkevious mingo
    • chance warmack
    • Jarvis Jones
    these are guys the giants should grab if they fall and we'd get a steal in nfl.coms mock werner went #30 dont see him going that far though

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    If Warmack's available he's my first choice. I think Vaccaro has a good chance of being there also.
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      My big board would go like this...

      1). Ez Ansah DE BYU- 99pct chance hes not there, but if he is, hes obviously the guy..
      2). Bjorn Werner DE Florida St- I love this guy. Hes a football player, and would be a beast opposite JPP for yrs to come..

      3). Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M- Value pick here.. Could play SLB for KIWI untill he gets his upper body strength up, which hes all ready doing, as he jumped his bench reps from 14 to 19 in about a wk's time from combine to his proday..

      4). Alec Ogletree ILB Georgia- Athletic playmaker, at a positon we lack athletic playmakers.. I love this kids upside..

      5). Xavier Rhodes CB Florida St- Big fast shutdown corner, who would be lockdown opposite Prince and give us to big stout, fast shutdown CB's for yrs to come..

      6). Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame- Imagine what we could do with a legit talent like Eifert at TE, after seeing what guys like Boss and Ballard have done here?

      7). Warmack G Bama/ Cooper G UNC/ Jones DE UCLA/ Okafor DE Texas- Any of these guys would fall into my 7th spot.. I'd be ok with any of em...

      8). Desmond Trufant CB Washington- And i'll finish my big board with Trufant..


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        I would love if we were able to get Warmack, but no way he'll be there so I want Werner. Line him up opposite JPP and we will have a ferocious pass rush!! I'm so against taking a TE at 19 but I think Eifert is gonna be a beast!! With all the holes we have on our O-line and D taking a TE wouldn't be smart with that pick.


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          I hope Jarvis Jones doesn't fall. Spinal stenosis scares the crap outta me even though the guys a monster.
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          1. Josh Allen QB Wyoming
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          3. Conner Williams OT Texas
          4. Rashaan Gaulden CB Tennessee

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            despite the health issue i dont see Jarvis falling that far. Also Warmack will be long gone at 19 and so will mingo
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            Let's make it 5 in 2016 so we can be on a LINE NE again!!!

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              If Werner or Cooper fall, I am down.. if not gimme Rhodes or Trufant