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    Rhodes could be exactly what the G'men are looking for...would be excited if we got him but wouldn't spend too much to get there....


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      Originally posted by BlueSanta View Post
      Well, I am a fan of rhodes and have said multiple times that I think he is exactly the type of player who fits our mold.I dont really buy the whole "my friend is a Giant scout tho would risk his entire career by telling a poster on the boards our draft strategy" thing, but its ok. I do agree Rhodes is worth a lot. However, I would disagree with those who think this 1st round is bad, or at least I would disagree about it being bad for the Giants. The knock on this draft class is that there are no stand outs. That the top 20 picks are all very close in value. I think that is a fair assessment. But we are picking 19th, which means we could hardly be in a better position because we can get equivalent talent at our pick to the guys picking way ahead of us. The only difference is we wont have to pay them as much.Furthermore, I think a lot of draft class bashing is because there arent any premier, top notch clear cut star Qbs, RB or WRs. Those are the position the media loves. But, we arent in need of those positions. We need Oline, DL, LB, CB and possibly Safety and TE. This is a decent class is every 1 of those areas. I consider the Giants kinda lucky to have a class strong in the areas of need for the current team. It allows us to concentrate moreso on value. That said, I think trade backs will be hard to come by this year. Teams will want more than usual. FYI, it is also strongly rumored that Rhodes will not fall past Miami at the 12th pick.
      the way I see it. There are a lot of guys in the scouting depo. And them finding out who my intel is would be a pain in the butt. However with all this recent talk of smoke screens I'm wondering if he might have smoke screened me :/.