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IF one of these OTs is on board at pick 15/16, how much is it to trade up from 19?

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    Obviously not, "IF there isnt a big drop off in talent after Fisher and Johnson"?

    I would take OT Lane Johnson at #19.

    Unfortunately Joekel,Fisher, Warmack and Cooper will probably be gone when we pick at #19.
    If for some reason any of these guys drop, we should grab them.


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        See the pick pont system (

        combined with the team your/GM your talking about. I really do not see JR doing it but he has surprised b4


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          Originally posted by pino View Post
          It will cost around a late 2nd, early 3rd pick to jump from #19 to #15 according to various draft pick value calculators.
          Really? I get our pic valued at 875, 14th pick valued at 1100 difference would be 325 pts. so my guess is our 1st and 2nd 51st overall which would be enough a ttl trade value of 1265


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            I don't think they're trading up and I hope that they don't either. Especially not for an o-lineman. If anything, I'd be willing to trade down -- this is a deep draft.