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Giants meet with guard over weekend - Chance Warmack

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    Originally posted by myles2424 View Post
    Don't get me wrong I think warmack is a beast & we'd be lucky to have him, but we undeniably have bigger fish to fry.....I'd rather fill BPA that matches a need & grab someone like warford in the 2nd (who's definetly no slouch btw)
    I'm not arguing Warmack over any of those positions you listed, but he can absolutely fall into the BPA argument in the event the best defensive prospects are gone. I'll give you a specific scenario.

    The top 2 CBs are gone before 19 as projected. The top 3 DTs and DEs are gone as well. Do you reach for the next best CB when they can be had in the second or nab Ogletree who looks more like a WLB in which the Giants already have three players currently on roster who have played such? I'd rather have the best interior linemen who I believe would have the best career than the third best prospect as his respective position who simply fits a position of need.


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      Originally posted by Redeyejedi View Post
      Decastro was listed like these guys to and he went 24
      Very true, and he was also being littered with "the best OG prospect in a decade / arguably the top player in the draft" type praise, as well. Seriously, interior linemen slip.