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Who would you be disappointed with as our pick?

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  • Who would you be disappointed with as our pick?

    I ask this question because, how often do we fans actually identify who the Giants actuallly select?
    We go with our gut feeling based upon what we perceive to be BPA and biggest psn of need.
    However there are other factors that only the Giants brass know.

    With that said, who would you be disappointed being selected?

    I would be disapponited if the Giants drafted MLB Teo with the #19 pick.
    He has football knowledge and instincts, but i dont think he is the right MLB for the Giants.

    I would be shocked and very disappointed.

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    DJ Fluker


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      I would also be dissapointed with MLB Teo


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        Te'o or Tank..


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          Te'o and Johnathan Hankins


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            At 19 I'd be disappointed with any of these guys....Te'o, Eifert, Ertz, Mingo or Elam. I've seen all these guys mocked to the Giants at some point.
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              In no particular order

              Warmack (if a stud defensive prospect is still available)
              Cooper (if a stud defensive prospect is still available)


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                Originally posted by tdawg1413 View Post
                Te'o and Johnathan Hankins
                and Hankins


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                  DJ Fluker first and foremost, because i've seen him as the only leaky sieve on bamas line during the games i watched.. Almost every game i seen them play, the entire line was good, and when a mistake happened, almost always it was fluker...

                  The TE's Eifert and Ertz- Obviously i like em both but 19 is early for em and we have Brandon Myers now.

                  Kevin Minter- As much as i like Minter, for his toughness and tackling ability, i think its early for him, as hes a tad less athletic then i'd want, and more of a run stuffer then a complete MLB.. Again, i like him alot, just not at 19...

                  Any Safety- Not a pressing need, and its a deep positon this yr.. I'd be fine with Jefferson, D.Williams, Cyprien, Rambo, and so on and so fourth in later rd, then taking Elam or vaccaro in RD1..

                  Jonathan Hankins- Strikes me as lazy and unmotivated often. Kawaan Short is much more adept at making splash plays and getting in the backfield..

                  Jonathan Banks- I like em, but hes fell down my personal rankings a bit since season ended, and i'm not so sure hes even as good as Darius Slay to be honest..

                  GUYS I WOULD LIKE and/or BE OK WITH

                  Bjorn Werner
                  Barkevious Mingo
                  Alec Ogletree
                  Xavier Rhodes
                  Desmond Trufant- i'd still wait on cb unless rhodes, but Trufant can ball and i'd be ok with him...
                  Chance Warmack/Cooper- Guard is a positon of need, and albeit, i'd rather go a diffrent route, i wouldent be mad about either..
                  Te'O- The cover skills and tackling ability(take out champ game) is intriguing and his ability to make splash plays is awesome.. Hes like a chase blackburn that can cover...
                  Ogletree- How do u not love this guy is beyond me, albeit, except a bit of charechter concerns of course...
                  Carradine- I'm not as nervous about his ACL as some, and i think this guy will come back fine.. hes a absoulute beast when healthy!
                  Damontre Mooore- Still love this kids potential as a pash rusher, and i think when he gets with a good NFL strength and conditioning coach, skys the limit.
                  Kawaan Short - I like him better then Sheldon Richardson.. Short is so underrated on these boards, and even with extra attention this past yr, managed monster numbers, and can defend the run very well, and is fairly explosive...


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                    Id be upset w us not taking a LBer in 1st or 2nd. We gotta fill that in round 1 or 2. That's just me n I'll be fine w whoever JR takes.. He's the man and I already know it will prob be the BPA
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                    5. Ryan Glasgow DT Michegan
                    6. Chad Kelly QB Ole Miss
                    7. Billy Brown WR Shepherd

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                      Originally posted by penguinfarmer View Post
                      DJ Fluker
                      Bingo....I've actually seen him mocked to us a few times & I cringe. ...I haven't read a word about him that didn't refer to his crappy pass protection...


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                        Sheldon Richardson, another Marvin Austin
                        Johnathan Banks (Xavier Rhodes is so much better)
                        Mingo even though he's athletic and all, rather werner, ansah, okafor...
                        Demontre Moore--over rated..looks like a bust lol

                        Would Love
                        Coradelle Patterson
                        Khaseem Greene
                        Kawaan Short( showed up int he senior bowl too and can block FG's.)


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                          I'll be pissed if we draft a guard.


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                            So the consensus here is that there is nobody the giants can pick that someone wont hate.


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                              Originally posted by Imgrate View Post
                              I'll be pissed if we draft a guard.
                              you would be pissed with Warmack or Cooper..?