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I don't understand the negativity regarding DJ Fluker

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    Originally posted by wideright91 View Post
    but he's got some wacky footwork.
    That stuff is coachable, IMO. Heavy feet is not.

    Maybe if you get Fluker down to 320 or so he moves better, but does that take away from his ability in the run game?

    Either way, how often do you see OTs go in the first (especially mid first) that are really RTs only, and possibly guards?

    If you take an OT in the first, he better be able to play LT.


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      Originally posted by wideright91 View Post
      True that Fluker's got some heavy feet (which have apparently improved in the draft process?), but I disagree he moves worse than Watson. While Watson may be faster, but he's got some wacky footwork and often seems out-of-position at the point of attack. At least on the bit of tape that I saw.
      Watson looks the part in my opinoin.. Anyone who can start for FLA St with only 2yrs of football expierence and also play basketball on the collegiete level, and also box and play soccer, has something.. Yes, he had a less then stellar combine, and yes its said he has some heavy feet, but i think its mostly due to not being completely comfortable in his technique and overall ability at football yet.. I personally will take the kid for his upside, charechter(his life has been pretty amazing, as far as his travels and what hes been through), over the big and plodding Fluker...

      I just got a feeling about Watson that i don't have about Fluker... Like i said, i personally woulden't touch either in RD1, as there not rd 1 prospects in my opinion... I woulden't take Fluker in RD 2 either.. I think hes a bust waiting to happen personally.. And even if he plays ok, i see him with a short shelf life, that fades quickly, and isn't a 1st rd pick that has a long succesful NFL career...


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        DJ Fluker Sports Science

        First thing you'll notice is that he doesn't need to lose ANY weight. And watch this little dude FLY!
        2017 Mock Draft (Pre-combine / FA):

        Rd 1: OJ Howard (TE, Alabama)
        Rd 2: Tanoh Kpassagnon (DE, Villanova)
        Rd 3: Antonio Garcia (OT, Troy)
        Rd 4: Kareem Hunt (Toledo, RB)
        Rd 5: Davis Webb (QB, Cal)
        Rd 6: Ahkello Witherspoon (CB, Colorado)
        Rd 7: DJ Jones (DT, Ole Miss)


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          That's a big boy...