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Rutgers' Linebacker Steve Beauharnais Will Work Out For Giants Later Today

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  • Rutgers' Linebacker Steve Beauharnais Will Work Out For Giants Later Today

    Excerpt: "Since the inception of the Jerry Reese era, the New York Giants have not placed a high value upon linebackers with their early draft picks. In fact, the Giants have only drafted two linebackers with their first or second round selections within the last 20 years. The last linebacker to be taken by the Giants in the first round was Carl Banks in the 1984 NFL Draft.

    As of late, Big Blue has attempted to fill their starting linebacker roles with mid-round draft selections and bargain free-agent acquisitions. Given this recent historical trend, it stands to reason the Giants will follow the same strategy later this month at the 2013 NFL Draft. The Giants have already worked out Rutgers linebacker Khaseem Greene, and will bring in fellow Scarlet Knight Steve Beauharnais." Read more...
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    If only we had the in-state prospects of Texas.


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      Always liked him at RU.


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        what round is he projected to go..? don't know much about him


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          He has a long and difficult to say last name. We should have known the Giants would look at him.....


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            saw his highlights, looked more like a MLB than Greene or Arthur Brown. I think they are looking for another Johnathan Goff type gem 4th or 5th rounder. Seen Steve make a few INT's against TE's, so he can cover as well as tackle. He's a VG MLB, him or greene i'd be happy with.