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2013 NFL Draft: Manti Te'o, Giants Meet

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    Originally posted by giantsfam04 View Post
    I don't think the girlfriend hoax was an attempt to hide his sexuality, apparently this is something that happens a lot I think there is even a tv show about it. IMO I think the guy was truly duped, in todays world falling in love with someone on the internet and never meeting them is not that far fetched. As for his poor performance against Alabama, it may have been a product of his knowledge that this was going to blow up at anytime. I think we as fans forget that these guys are just kids and being under the spot light with this hanging over your head has got to weigh on him.

    What I don't understand is why are some guys on these boards willing to draft Ogeltree in the 1st with all the off the field issues he had yet would not take Te'o because of this girlfriend hoax.
    I know that people meet on the internet, but to have a "love of your life" girlfriend for 3 years (I think) that you have never seen before? Very strange. To me, it was a story concocted so that he would have an explanation for why Notre Dame's star MLB wasn't shagging every co-ed on campus. Not a lot of other explanations make much sense. But I am admittedly just guessing . . .


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      I would hope that this is a meeting for either a 1st round trade back, 2nd round trade up, or 2nd round pick flat out.

      I do not hate him as a player, but I do not think he is worth a 19th pick.


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        Originally posted by Kruunch View Post
        Would be a value pick ... him and his imaginary friend for the price of one.
        Ouch !
        " Success is never final, but failure can be " B.P.


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          What are the chances of Teo landing to the Giants in the second?


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            Originally posted by TAILGATIN' View Post
            The hoax thing doesnt bother me at all and the Combine doesnt matter much to me either. What eats me up with Teo is his performance, or lack there of, in the championship. He was getting tooled around the whole game. Im not sure if he is to blame completely for his performance though, because the whole team got chewed up. He was a beast all season, but that game was just a huge disappointment. If not for that, Id have no complains with the pick. How do others feel?
            My take ? The Irish had the No. 1 ranked D on the Nation, that's no fluke. Bama's O-line had one of the most dominant performances I have ever seen in a NCAA championship game. They not only blew Te'o of the map, they blew the entire front seven of the field, the game was won in the trenches and in football as we all know when the frontline doesn't do their the LB's get in trouble. I really don't see any major flaws in Teo's game and for sure think he could be a great LB in the NFL.
            " Success is never final, but failure can be " B.P.