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menelik watson for giants in the 1st?

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    Originally posted by juice33s View Post
    He has just as much experience as Lane Johnson at tackle (2 years), would you take Johnson if he fell?

    That is very misleading. Yes Watson has played Tackle for 2 years, just like Lane Johnson. But, 1 of those years was for Saddlebrook College. Oh and prior to that he was a basketball player, so he has 2 years of football experience.

    Lane Johnson has always been a football player. He played Qb, TE , and eventually DE before being moved to Tackle where he played for 2 years, neither of which was for Saddlebrook college but rather Oklahoma.

    I am not bashing Watson, but he isn't nearly as developed as Johnson right now. He has all the potential in the world tho.
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