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the NYG all football movie 2013 Draft

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  • the NYG all football movie 2013 Draft

    It's late, I'm bored so I wanted to have some fun. Feel free to comment or ad your own draft.

    1. Bobby Boucher LB
    ,,The Waterboy. we get another once in a lifetime game changing LB.
    2. Samsom OT ,,Longest yard. a guy willing to break someones neck before Letting them touch the QB, enough said.
    3. Rod Tidewell WR ,,Jerry Maguire. shifty receiver, excellent route runner, exceptional hands and an Ambassador of Quan.
    4. Brian Murphy TE ,,The Replacements. he is deaf but runs precision routes with flypaper hands
    5. Dr. Death CB ,,,Best of Times. old school throw back, physical and imposing.
    6. Manumana C ,,Necessary Roughness. a road grader who excels in pass protection as well.
    7. Paul Crewe QB ,,longest Yard. Eli is gonna be gone one day, might as well grab our long term QB solution.
    7. Nigel Gruff K, ,,The replacements. "The Leg" can kick the ball the full length of a soccer Field and score.