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  • USC WR's

    just saying, dont be surprised if the 2nd or 3rd rd pick is one of the WRs from USC. #2 I believe especially (sorry dont follow them enough to remember there names with the state of mind im in) because he is like Steve Smith but only with great YAC ability. Both these guys really have 1rst rd value and will probably drop due to a slue of things independent of their skill...

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    There's only one.... your thinking of Robert Woods who is one of my favorite WR prospects this year. The other SC WR is Marqise Lee who will be in next years draft....He'll likely go top 15 at worst.

    I actually think Woods may end up going in the late 1st...If not early 2nd. I did mention he'd be good value for the Giants in the 2nd earlier this year but right now I'm doubting they'll go that direction with all the talent that'll be available for them this year.
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      nice post titwio.

      i dunno i see this woods kid value as top 15. just what I see. now he didnt get the help last season from barkley really or the USC program for that matter. But he runs routes like ss12, and has the YAC ability of a Cruz type player...if hes there in the 2nd, i'd bet we take him.


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        I don't see Woods dropping that far into the second. USC hit a rough stretch in which all of their players took some hits, but Woods is a pretty good receiver. I think he has as good of, if not better, a chance of panning out as an NFL receiver as the others in this draft.